TEDxAM14: Connection 2014

The theme of this year’s TEDxAmoskeagMillyard is “Connection.” From our deepening understanding of the world’s interdependent ecosystems to an appreciation of the potential of intellectual and artistic collaboration, we’ll explore what happens when we connect: with people, with place, with ideas, or with beauty. If the Renaissance showed us the importance of the individual, our modern world highlights the importance of connection.

View the schedule. Watch the live-stream here.

Jessica Higgins, U.S. Army veteran and advocate: Learn more.
Deepika Kurup, Clean water advocate: Learn more.
Emilie Aries, Gender equality and political activist: Learn more.
Howard Mansfield, Writer and cultural historian: Learn more.
Dr. Louise Pascale, Afghan children’s music advocate and educator: Learn more.
Randy Pierce, Explorer: Learn more.
Tania Simoncelli, Gene defender: Learn more
Manuel Hernández Carmona, ESL innovator, author and educator: Learn more.
Joel Christian Gill, Artist, storyteller and educator: Learn more.
Robin Robertson Starr, Visionary and transformational leader: Learn more.
Dr. Loretta L. C. Brady, Change agent: Learn more.
Amanda Grappone Osmer, Business innovator: Learn more.

Davis and Deleault, Jazz/World music fusion duo: Learn more.
The AcaBellas, all-female acapella group: Learn more.


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